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When You Just Want To Enjoy Your Time Outside…

The Polar Fox Outdoors Product line is built in Pine River, Minnesota by veterans of the ice fishing industry.  The product is designed simply with a goal of trouble-free outdoor enjoyment.  Wall, Ceiling and Floor construction is a modern, panelized foam and fiberglass composite.  The panels are built with strict quality control in Pine River to ensure consistent quality and strength.  Each panel is then cut to shape on a large CNC table before being installed onto an aluminum skid frame or trailer frame.  The resulting unit is fully composite and lightweight.  In fact, these are the LIGHTEST trailers we have seen.

Weight and strength aside, what we really appreciate is the simplicity of the units and the quality of the components used to build it into a high-performing vehicle.  Epoch 100Ah batteries, Truma furnaces, ITC Lighting components and TCL televisions are standard in finished models.  You’ll have reliable power, heat light and entertainment out of the box.  Popular options we are able to add are: Garmin LiveScope (built in), mounting plates for rattle reels and other fishing accessories, rod racks, basket shelves, bait bubblers, and MORE.  In fact, we see no limit to the ways you can upfit and organize the Polar Fox Outdoors products.

Why a Polar Fox?

While it’s true there have been other brands built in a similar manner, we feel Polar Fox Outdoors offers a house that is more carefully and thoughtfully put together than the rest.  These units are also able to hit a sweet spot when it comes to pricing.  Often times, a PFO unit is thousands -if not MANY thousands- less than the competing brand.

Brightly colored interiors with accent colors which complement, yet, contrast, help your eyes fight fatigue while fishing.

Things you do often, such as tying fishing line or reading are done with less struggle when you can see well.  Installing the lights on the ceiling puts the light where you need it, reduces shadows and defeats the lazy approach others take when routing at the wall/ceiling cove (and through cabinetry).

The windows are bright and contain as little tint as possible to let in as much light as possible.  They are also able to be latched in a “cracked open” position for positive ventilation and condensation control.  Retractable screens and shade panels give you control over the air and light you allow into the unit.  The benefit of full light lends to the overall comfort while enjoying your Polar Fox Outdoors product.

Why Work With Northland?

We brought on the PFO line of products to ensure we can give their customers the highest level of satisfaction with every sale.  We are known for fair pricing, taking time with the customers upfront to understand their needs and wants, giving thorough walkthroughs of every unit and providing support after the sale.  We invest a great deal of time and effort into every product we carry to ensure it is successful and continues to experience growth.

Our first shipment of Polar Fox Outdoors wheelhouses in 2024.  We took all they had!  These towed like a dream and we were amazed to see the tongue weight was only 250lbs on the heaviest, most loaded 20′ Adventure Series model we had.

Perhaps you found us through our many, many referring members of Ice Fishing Minnesota or maybe a search engine brought you here while searching for quality fish houses -either way, we are glad you found us and are taking the time to research our brands.  We feel they are the best on the market and we stand behind them.

We have many units in stock to view and base your decisions on.  Some are more basic while others are fully equipped.  This allows our customers to choose a unit within their budget while seeing all sorts of options.  Come browse the inventory soon!

When you buy a Polar Fox Outdoors Fish House from Northland Auto Center, we will be available to help you in the future should any issues arise.  We understand the product and want to be your first call if you need any guidance or support.

So…  How do we get started?

Completing the form to the right will get you in touch with us.  It is detailed and allows for you to attach drawings, etc. to communicate custom requests and photos.


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Upload photos, drawings and other helpful information to accompany the above request or feedback. Thank you!

Polar Fox Product Lines

Polar Fox Shells

This is a light and lean as they come, but you’re going to want to add some parts to make it work as a fish house.  It’s up to you what you use and how you go about it.  We offer all the parts you need at great prices.  If you choose to use your own parts, support from us may be very limited.

Crossover Series

Choices for an open floor plan.  Create your own interior using the following included accessories:

  • Truma Furnace
  • 30amp RV Power Center
  • Battery Charger
  • 12 Volt USB Outlet
  • LED White Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Upper & Lower Kitchen Cabinets. 

Does Not Include Furniture, Cooking Appliances, fish holes, fans, battery, stereo, TV, or other items not mentioned in the list above.  Need other parts?  Just ASK!  We have a form below to inquire on such things.

Adventure Series

Adventure Series are completely finished, but you can always add more goodies.  From Polar Fox these include:

  • Premium Furniture
  • Truma Furnace
  • 30amp RV Power Center
  • Battery Charger
  • LED White Interior & RGB Exterior Lighting w/ Wireless Light Control
  • PVC Overhead Cabinets
  • Cooktop with Kitchen Vent
  • Microwave
  • Stereo
  • 40″ TV with King Antenna
  • Plus For A Limited Time -Lithium Ion Battery Included.
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