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Yetti’s all-aluminum, rugged structure is designed to carry your mobile cabin anywhere you seek adventure. Built to perform in extreme cold, it’s ideal for those who make extended trips out on the hardwater. Others recognize the careful engineering, light weight, and open, customizable floorplans as a platform to build their ultimate hard-sided camper.  Some even think outside the box and employ Yetti units for business purposes of all sorts. Regardless of where you fall into the spectrum, Yetti has a house for you. If you do not see a floorplan that you prefer, we can take all the time you need to lay out the perfect unit for your needs. Over the years, we have built MANY custom Yetti into campers with no holes in the floor to hardcore fishing machines, mobile boutiques for apparel sales, concession trailers, medical triage offices, and even mobile manufacturing/prototyping businesses.


The layout posters and brochure are full of useful information to help answer questions and decide on layouts / options before calling of visiting to discuss a new Yetti build.

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What Makes a Yetti Special?

Well, for starters, Yetti is a brand of Voyager Industries, an ISO manufacturer of aluminum products.  Everything they build is engineered.  All parts are computer-modeled and precision-cut to ensure a the finished product falls into very tight finished dimensions.  The benefit to the customer is a product that behaves predictably, as it was designed.  Also, should problems arise later, a comparison to the original blueprints will quickly reveal the cause.

After the parts are carefully assembled, the Yetti shell becomes essentially a welded “cage”, to which the siding is permanently bonded. This design gives Yetti a clean look devoid of visible fasteners. An added benefit is that the siding is leak-proofed and airtight, eliminating the need for spray foam, which can otherwise distort the siding and make future siding replacement impossible.

The roof is built as an assembly on a table that allows construction without the need to walk on the fiberglass membrane or to work from a ladder.  This means the entire perimeter of the roof is able to be given the proper care during production.  It is then applied to the frame and walls using a crane.  The roof used is a product proven by decades of use in the cargo transportation industry.

The assembled trailer shells are then either shipped to dealers for the DIY consumer to purchase or to the Pine River finishing facility where the Yetti is fitted with an interior.  Because later models finished In Pine River add the benefit of engineered drawings and CNC cabinet construction to the interior build components, we now have an unparalleled fit and finish of all Yetti interiors.  Custom requests are drawn in advance of ordering so we understand exactly how the unit will lay out and perform.

Why Work With Northland?

As a careful consumer, you want your purchase to be smooth from start to finish and you want to know you have someone in your corner after the sale.  For 14 years we have proven ourselves to our customers and made a great name for ourselves in the ice fishing industry.  We have shipped components for Yetti Fish Houses all over the nation and we have shipped ice fishing gear to all continents of the world.  If we can get a research teams at both poles of the globe parts for their Strikemaster augers, we can absolutely handle your needs closer to home.

When you choose to buy from us, we take all the time you need during the ordering process.  There is no pressure.  When your Yetti arrives, we will take all the time you need during walkthrough so you have an understanding of how everything works.  After that, you’ll have access to us anytime to help you with questions of issues you encounter.

Our first purchase of Yetti shells in 2011.  We bought all they had!  Can you believe we had Purple, Yellow, and Tan color options?  “Create Your Own Legend” was definitely the mindset as these units were all purchased by DIY finishing buyers.  Nearly all of these are still in use today and are still well loved by their original owners.


Perhaps you found us through our many, many referring members of either the Yetti Owners Group or Yetti Fish House Owners groups on Facebook.  If you have any question about who to buy from, please just join one of these groups and search the posts.


We will meet and design the Yetti that best suits your needs.  Whether it be a current layout with special or specific options or a unit that is fully custom like this TRAXX.


When your unit arrives we will go through it here to ensure all options are present and functional.  We also test for gas leaks and add dealer installed items at this time.  Then it’s ready for you to enjoy!

So…  How do we get started?

Completing the form to the right will get you in touch with us.  It is detailed and allows for you to attach drawings, etc. to communicate custom requests and photos.  If you need Yetti service, please CLICK HERE to use a different form.


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